Friday, July 6, 2007

2 more myths about China

My department had a confirmation dinner yesterday, coz 3 of my colleagues received their confirmation and a raise this week. From last night's dinner/KTV I found out another 2 truths about the Chinese, which links nicely with yesterday's post:

1) Some Chinese really can be ngiao poks
Of the 3 colleagues who received their confirmations, 2 were junior staff and 1 was a senior supervisor. Last week during our department meeting my manager told the senior supervisor to organize the dinner. In the meeting the guy told everyone he will come up with 400 bucks and everyone cheered. So my manager told the other 2 junior staff to come up 200 each. Yesterday when it came to paying the bill, the guy told the other 2 junior staff to give him their 200 each and he will settle the bill. However, we just found out that the bill only came up to 500 plus, which means he only paid 100 plus of his own money and the 2 junior staff paid more than him. Now, the 2 junior staff earn so little they barely have savings. I even had to lend one of them the 200 which he will pay me back after payday next week. Now this is a guy that has been having trouble commanding the respect of some of the more experienced junior staff. After this debacle I have no idea how the dude is going to recover from this career suicide man. Conclusion: Some Chinese can appear generous, but they can really be ngiao poks!
2) Some Chinese really have no sense of rhythm
My ears were almost bleeding at the KTV. I dun claim to be Pavarotti or have a good enough voice to criticize other people's singing, but seriously, yesterday I couldn't believe my ears. The 2 girls that were fighting for the mics singing one song after another were realy quite bad. Ok so they didn't go out of tune, but it was seriously out of rhythm man. You know how at KTV you're suppose to singalong when the words turned blue? These 2 girls absolutely didn't care man, they just sang all the words as soon as they appeared, like they were afraid the other girl would sing finish the words first. They made soppy ballads sound like a Jay Chou rap man. Sometimes, the words couldn't change fast enough for them and they had to wait. Some of us were trying to singalong and get them into rhythm, but these 2 simply were too much into their own world. I dun wanna be rude, because these 2 girls have been absolutely nice to me. But seriously, wassup with that man? Count dammit, count!
That's all folks! *Cue in Looney Tunes them*

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