Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wrote this on Monday, but posting it now...

Gosh, i'm on my way to school now and this is going to be my first day of school in almost an entire year. Ok so i've been back to school on and off doing BE stuff, but i'm actually going back right now to STUDY. I feel like I haven't studied in a looong time. Ever since the china internship then gg to japan (where I barely did any studying really) then going to credit suisse, i've come full circle and i'm gg back to sit in an SR, work with project mates and participate in class. Not too long ago I was actually looking forward to it, to finally actually enjoy studying because i'll be studying what I like rather than for the grades. But as i'm sitting on this train on the way to school, a sense of apprehension engulfs me. Will I have to listen to ppl talk rubbish in class and ask rubbish questions? Will I get a shitty prof that can't teach? Will I get shitty project mates who zuo bo lan? Do I still have what it takes to mug again?

It just occurred to me if there's a freshman girl in class, i'll be a grand 7 years older than her at least. I'll be studying with people younger than my brother! Speaking of my brother, congrats dude on passing ur driving! I know u feel really good about it, and i'm really proud of you too. My bro can be such a worm, but when he achieves something I always feel really happy for him. I dunno how to explain it. When my sis achieves something, i'm like happy, but not surprised, maybe coz she was always the smartest among the three of us, so success is kinda 'expected' so to speak. But my bro's a little different. He doesn't do anything much, so when he actually goes out to do something to improve himself be it taekwondo or driving, and actually achieves something at it, I feel especially happy.

Gosh the train approaches city hall. I feel the chill down my spine again. *bbrrrrr*

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