Thursday, July 5, 2007

random thoughts

2 weekends ago was fun, coz I managed to go to a resort on the outskirts of Shenzhen where Suzanna's mum was staying and teaching English. The food was fantastic, the buffet and seafood was a good break away from from chinese fastfood which have been part of my daily diet here. And the awesome seafood was sooooo friggin cheap it made the meal so much tastier. Crabs and prawn porridge, am pan yong tau foo, shellfish and some fantastic rabbit fish for the three of us only cost 30SGD!!! Sue's mum is sure living it up there despite the hectic work! And the swimming was soooo utterly relaxing, it was really a good pick-me-up to get me through the remaining days here in Shenzhen.
Last weekend though was a bummer. I wanted to go visit the attractions here in Shenzhen but it kept storming and storming here, it was impossible to get out. What did I do? 1) Watch copa america. The football coverage here is second to none as long as you can stand the unexciting chinese commentary. 2) Watch Friends. I've been watching Friends from the beginning of season 1 and by the end of the weekend I was at season 3 already. I've never been able to catch Friends consistently in the past although I absolutely love the show due to time constraints and forgetfulness. But watching it from the beginning has been great because I now know some of the things Ross and Rachel have been through just to get together. I find it quite amusing at how everytime Ross walks into a room or Central Perk and then give that Hush Puppies face and a sappy "Hi" to everyone. His life always has something cocking up. And man his seeds are sure as hell potent. I guess the show was successful in the beginning because of how they openly joked about sex. But as the show went on season after season you can feel they always try to refresh themselves and take relevant dramatic directions rather than just becoming a one trick pony. I guess that's how you last for 10 seasons huh?
I totally missed that BE townhall meeting thing and I've been getting mixed responses about it. For those uninformed SMU Broadcast and Entertainment has been owning my life for about the past 3 years and when you put so much time and effort into something is hard to totally let go when your time is up. I still care a whole lot about the club even things haven't exactly been rosy. It's not a management fault really, but we really need more people to step up and pull together. It's a chronic problem not only for BE, but for most clubs in SMU that we have too many things to do and too little people. But one thing I know for sure, we're not a club on decline, and it's not doom and gloom like how some people on the outside make it out to be. We just gotta keep believing in the things we're doing and keep the family spirit we've tried so hard to build. To all you Be-ings out there, the light at the end of the tunnel is the incoming freshmen friends. Let's really try to bring 'em into the family quickly and really include them in doing things with us. We didn't do a very good job at that in the past, but we're in the position to change that. It's not a 6 week or 8 week thing where we entertain the freshmen and then forget about them. Let's get them helping us from day one, with or without training. And let's have more suppers and Citadel sessions together, we dun SAF (Serve And Fuck-off) right? My time with you guys is really going to be up soon, especially when I leave for exchange and when I grad. But I'll forever remember I have a family in SMU, and you are that family.
Ok I'm gonna attempt to de-mystify a few myths and revelations I've been having from my stay here in Shenzhen, so here it goes:
1) Chinese people can stink too
That's right folks, a lot a lot of chinese people here suffer from a chronic case of bad body odour. And most of the times it makes my bus rides really unbearable. Mostly I try to take individual seats, but usually I dun have a choice, and 95% of the time when someone comes to sit beside me, that person has bad body odour. And I dunno about you, I used to think it was impossible for girls to have body odour. I remember when I was younger a whole bunch of us would exercise together, badminton, jogging, bball etc. All of us can be sweating like pigs but the girls would still smell like they just came out of the shower. But tmd the girls here can look young and fashionable BUT STILL HAVE BODY ODOUR! I blame it on 2 things: Firstly, many Chinese people here dun bathe everyday. I can understand it if it's in the winter and you hardly break a sweat all day. But apparently it happens even in the summer. Secondly, did you know the Chinese here have no access to deoderants? It's so WTF unbelievable right? I didn't think it was possible too until my filipino friend Philip told me. Lucky I brought my own, if not I'll end up smelling as well. Conclusion: Chinese people can have BO too.
2) Chinese girls really dun shave their armpit hair
This is really WTF WTF man. There was once a female colleague was talking to me at my desk, so I was sitting down and she was standing up. In order to maintain eye contact I had to look up right? Then, she started tying her hair. In the process inevitably she had to raise her hands right? And since she was wearing a sleeveless top, two tufts of armpit hair was just staring me at the face and try as I might I couldn't tear my eyes off them. Another female colleague was worse. I was walking behind her and I suddenly realized that even with her hands down, hair was peeking out of her pits. Now guys, what can possibly be more of a turn off than that???
3) Just because I can speak chinese, doesn't mean I always understand what the Chinese are saying.
Sometimes I even think it's unfair. I wanna tell them look man, accents, articulation and speed all play a part ok? Sure sure, it's my government's fault for making the school teach us 标准 pronounciation. But dun lose your patience with me just because I need you to repeat or explain things to me what. Yes, I know there's a friggin queue, but I dowan to end up eating horse manure for my dinner just because I dun understand what the middle finger you're saying coz your tongue is so frigging lazy to move right?
All right, time to reply a few comments, coz for the life of me I can't understand why everytime I try to post a comment the page is not found.
To Ray: I miss you guys too. I'll be back soon ok dude, 2.5 more weeks nia!
To Seow Yee: Thanks for enjoying that entry! I'll be here until 21st July, and my hp no is on my MSN. Gimme a call if the timing fits!
Ok I'll try to put up a tagboard once I'm back in Singapore. Here is just impossible coz the internet is so unpredictable. I type all these in word first then paste into blogger, coz I dunno how stable the connection is. I dowan to type for 1/2 hour and then when I click post the page is not found, you can just want to kill yourself after that.
Ok cheers peepz, really looking forward to seeing everyone soon!!! 2 more weeks!!!


jackolyn said...

hahaha that was hilarious...but the lack of paragraphing was quite hilarious too...LOL i was straining to read all those words without going blind...

~~Ray~~ said...

Kaozzz.... That sound darn gay..... Hahahaha.....

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