Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lazy Blogger

*Ok I actually wrote this on the plane to Japan, and fell asleep at the end so it looks a bit incomplete. But I'm posting it up anyway.
Ok and so i'm a lazy blogger. My previous entry was like in july which was more than 2 months ago, even before I came back from shenzhen. Ever since I went back to singapore though it's been whirlwind. Got involved with campus tv's 2nd episode, the spoof episode, and that took up the bulk of deceit y time. Been furiously attending the different talks by the banks as well, and of course I went throug a 4 week intensive course on the japanese language.

And so it begins again, my exchange trip to japan. I frankly haven't been looking forward to it as much as my shenzhen trip though. Several reasons, but mainly coz I feel i've juz gotten back to singapore not long ago and nw I have to go again. But i'm approaching it philosophically. I'm gg on a trip to drastically improve my japanese which would hopefully give me a competitive advantage in the future. The linguistic experience that i've always wanted is finally here. Here's me keeping my fingers crossed that it'll all be worth it!

Since i'm nt really there yet, I shall update on what's been up between shenzhen and nw. Well for one the EPL season has started again! Soccer khaki Favian once said I should blog abt soccer on my blog coz my analysis of things are interesting, but I figured i'd give it a shot anyway for 2 reasons: I have a fantasy football team (which has juz only been average so far this season) and also i've started becoming a pundit for teekay's campus radio show (i think it's called the six-pack show if i'm not wrong, it's about sports and gyming which teekay is an absolute expert in). Anyway, this season has been extremely exciting for me for the fact liverpool have been doing extremely well! They came out of the blocks from the first whistle and have been gg strong so far. I swear rafa benitez made the team eat steroids before the 6-0 drubbing of derby. I hope the team doesn't rest on their laurels though, the first hiccup was oredi hear during last weekend's draw against portsmouth. But i'm philosophical abt it. Harry redknapp really strengthened during the summer with sulley muntari and john utaka looking like astute signings. No wonder david nugent couldn't get a game. With steven gerard and his broken toe and torres injuring his knee during the midweek international fixture, rafa put out a team which I half-expected. He's using the squad and I support him for doing that. I mean what's the use of paying crouch 20,000 pounds a week if u dun use him right? 20,000 pounds a week leh, u think what? Pounds is toilet paper ah? Convert to sing dollars that's 30,000 bucks a week leh, most people are lucky to earn that in a year! Then ppl say he didn't perform, but I think that's not fair to crouchy. He hardly kicked a ball since pre-season and suddenly he come back from internationals and he's expected to turn on like a 18 year old on viagra, cannot be right? So all u critics lay off crouch lah, hope he plays against porto tonite while i'm on the plane to fukuoka.

Ok for the sake of my non-soccer watching frens I better move on to next topic. I've been attending so many career talks by the banks, as yuhui aptly put it, it can almost be considered as 1 more mod man. My favourite was the BP talk and the macquarie talk though. Both gave me an insight of wat being a securities or commodities trader is like in a fun and relaxed way. Better than the suits of credit suisse and deutche (sp?) bank at least. Now I feel i'm willing to take either of those 2 paths. But are the companies willing to hire me then? The odds at BP were said to be 8 out of 3000. With a gpa of 3.5, maybe I shouldn't put my hopes too high lah.

I juz finished ctv's spoof episode and I muz say i'm really excited to see the end product this friday. I've always had high regard for ctv's episodes and i'm really glad to finally part of one! It has made me feel old though. I've seen the freshmen come in and listened to their baby woes of LTB, AS and CT, it really made me feel weary. But then again these freshmen gave me new hope for the club and I really think the BE camp gave us a good bunch of people we can work with. Nw if only the IS freshmen aren't so caught up academically. There's so much talent there we need.

Then there's the "LN, u haven't graduate yet ah?" comments. Wah lau fren, i'm entitled to a 4th year also ok fyi? Since 2nd year i've been hearing this oredi. Granted i'm now and OBS (old bird senior) but i'm really nt that fantastically old leh. But perhaps there's some truth in it. I've perhaps been ard for too long le. A new generation is emerging, and i'm more than happy to hand over the reigns. I juz hope the next generation takes ownership of what has been built at BE. The club is mine, and will always be mine, but it's everyone else's too. Do ppl see that? LN, jac jac, jasmine, jeremy, heyuan and yuhui can only be ard for so long. We can only hope another generation shares our love for the club.

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Wong Yu Hui said...

Finally! You updated!!!!!

Is everything really expensive over there?

My cousin just came back from Japan, said it was disappointing, which I think coz she didn't get to buy anything there! How do you find it so far?

Yu Hui